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i'm having compatibility issue, can i anyone contact me on [email protected] for proper explanation pls. thank. -a fellow trader
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trading has get a whole new meaning! i thank you MaxiTradeBoost. i awaiting the new version of software that works mobile

Sorry for my English am a chinese for hells sake!!
Yuyang tai
Does this strategy work on all brokers? how do i get this kicking on my trade? some one guide me pls
Bill S. Veasley
i just saw a friend's account on banc de binary and i was amazed, he directed me here! i'm impressed with the comments prior to my post. i need this too and i use banc de swiss, will it work?
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i still cannot use this stuff, it's really sadning. sent my complaints to their box, i hope they really attend to me fast. thank you MaxiTradeBoost
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