Trade For Me

How it works!

Have you heard about the TradeForMe service through a friend? relative? the media? or through an online search engine?
whichever way you did, We're glad you did!!

TradeForMe service was launched by MTB over 5years ago and today this has been a life-changing service for hundreds of thousands of Traders.

The TFM service is the most sought-after service in our online trading community after the purchase of the MT1 indicator, with over 7,000 members subscribed to it in less than 4 months of its introduction into the market


We handle virtually everything about your account except deposits & withdrawals. Your real broker account is managed usually under 2 weeks,

Open a broker account and deposit the minimum.
The company expert ( the actual developers of the powerful MT1 ) will trade for you,
Daily SMS Alerts of profits made are delivered to your Mobile line,
You have 100% access to the account thereby confirming trade histories
TFM Trade sessions last a max of 3 weeks, So you are guaranteed of getting paid in 3weeks time from date of making your first deposit.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?? no! it is real and Legit!

More info;
The company experts will;

Guide you to open a real account on a trusted/reliable broker

1. Trade for you, Daily.
2. Withdrawal can only be authorized by you.
3. Invite you online on Skype for a one on one conversation and updates on your account.

There's a fee to join this Service, The TFM service is made up of 2 basic categories. Each category has its subscription charge and offers, kindly contact us for more info - [email protected]

What are you waiting for? Contact Us now and give us the honor of serving you. Your investment is maximized and a better living for everyone through digital options trading.